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     "Distributed monthly across the Empire"

    Flight Office

    With the blockade of Sesswenna Sector last year we started to introduce new Fleets to defend our systems and prepare for new campaigns.
    We all look forward to see the Emperor again in a few month and for many of you it will be the first time to meet him.
    The Imperial Order always had visions of the future and this doesn't depend on the Emperor or the Grand Admirals alone.
    Everyone is asked to take responsibility and work for the Imperial Order.Create Missions, write Stories, draw Comics, play games, work on websites, make graphics .. there is a lot to do.
    MG Maugrim and I spend some time lately to update some sites and to give you the official Imperial Order timeline at hand.
    This, together with the Battle History will make things easier for you when you work on stories, missions, comics or simply your Bio.

    Grand Admiral Wulfman
    Acting Executive Officer
    Flight Officer of Imperial Order
    Hand of Krath
    Captain of the Second and the Sixt Fleet
    GA/FLO Wulfman/ISD Virulent-sc/Charon CSQ 3-1 (HoK)
    {LOE}{IMH}{SK}{DSC:GC}{GS(2)}{SS(2)}{BS}{MT(2)}{EW: OC/XVT}{MoU(2)}{ORW}{SoD}

    Training Office

    Greetings fellow officers,
    Another year has passed, and so I am supposed to say a few words, but don't be afraid, I'll make it quick ;-)
    As for Platform Tigris and the Training Office, it has been a year of change. Ducky, Bjerver and Curgenven left the staff, but we didn't have to worry, since we found competent officers to take their places.
    We had exactly 52 cadets graduating from Platform Tigris in 2001, 17 in JK, 15 in NGP, 9 in RPG, 5 in TF, 1 in XWA and 5 in XVT. (2000: 43 Graduates)
    And we are currently working on ways to change the training to increase those numbers. Lets see what the Training Office will have to report next year.

    Fleet Admiral Tar-Atanamir
    FA/TRO Moskito/ISD Admonisher-sc/Charon 3-4

    Morale Office

    Five years is a great time span in the life of any organization. The fact that virtual communication by nature provides a comparatively very weak link between participants in the same experience only puts more emphasis on the exceptionality of this event.
    That we gathered here this afternoon, evening, night or even morning for the fifth time, can be an inspiration to us all. The Imperial Order shall stand in eternity.
    Our organization has successfully found a functioning common ground for achieving individual perfection in many fields let it be web design, organization or leadership. The skills acquired with us may be put to use elsewhere as well.
    It is my firm belief that we have established a system in which flexibility and rules are in a harmonious balance. Our hierarchy is not oppressive but an effective means of fostering cooperation and forming lasting personal ties.
    With these facts being assumed, it was to my greatest displeasure to be absent from my duties with the Imperial Order for such a long time last year. Upon my return, however, I found the same welcoming and friendly group of people, although with different faces, as I did as a Commander.
    It is this healthy atmosphere matched with devotion and skill that will continue to keep the Imperial Order and its distinctive members together in the future!
    I empty my glass in celebration of the best online club on the Internet, which is going to continue to improve in every imaginable aspect during its many years to come! Cheers!

    Fleet Admiral Dronshed

    Tactical Office

    First, let me start by saying it is with great honour I accept the rank of Fleet Admiral.
    I have spent 4 very happy years with the Imperial Order. Built on loyalty and dedication of it's members, the Imperial Order is one of the best Star Wars clubs I know, and I am proud to be a member.
    For those of you who fear my axe, I intend staying another 4 years and longer, so live with it :)
    For the newer members, you arrive at the dawn of what I am sure will be the best year for the Imperial Order ever. There are many big plans in the works, and there has never been a better time to server your Emperor.

    Fleet Admiral Max Porteous
    Tactical Officer
    Head of IDEV
    Director of TCM
    Inventor and Judge of the Space of Death
    AD/TAC Max Porteous/ISD Lightning-sc/Charon 2-3 CSQ {DJA} {IOE} {SC} {DSC}
    {GS(2)} {SS} {BS} {SPM(2)} {E:SoD}