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     "Distributed monthly across the Empire"

    As I look around, I see before me many of the best officers I have ever known.

    On my right, I see Grand Admiral Wulfman, without whom my life as Fleet Commander would be much more difficult.

    Fleet Admiral Moskito, one of my most trusted officers, ever fervent in his service to the Empire.

    Admiral Porteous, there are none more loyal in the Imperial Order than he.

    Major General Curgenven, few have risen through the ranks as quickly as he.

    Lieutenant General Maugrim, one of the Imperial Order's most creative minds.

    As always, I am proud of the Imperial Order. I truly enjoy looking over our organization and seeing what we have accomplished.

    The hard work and dedication each of us gives to this organization each week is continually impressive.

    However, it must be duly noted that this has not been our best year. Our Empire is imperfect. Rebels abound. Much lies ahead for us to focus our efforts on.
    Even as our shipyards have been bolstering our war machine, our patrols have detected increasing levels of Rebel and smuggling activity in several of our outlying sectors, and especially in sectors that are not fully under our control.

    Much improvement can be made in the core functions that make the Imperial Order what it is. The continuity of our storyline, our websites, our game design, and our recruitment all have room to be improved.

    One question I hear often is "What do I do in the Imperial Order?"

    It's very simple. You play the role of a Imperial officer, a cog in the Imperial War Machine. You have a character that can and should be as well developed as any RPG character.
    And how do you develop your character? You write stories about him or her, draw images and create graphics of him, create missions and levels involving your character. And you create websites that display every detail of your character that you can imagine. A multitude of possibilities exists.

    The structure of the Imperial Order is a great outline, but it is we that fill in the spaces with our own perspectives and unique qualities. So in a very real sense, each officer makes the Imperial Order what it is.

    Shall it be a simple chat group where the most exciting thing that happens is a late-night war of words? Or shall it be as it was originally intended - an organization for people who truly love Star Wars and want to actively preserve its essence and excitement via their own creativity and hard work.

    My friends, the choice is yours.

    I want to take this time to announce the official listing of our 7 Fleets, the last ships for which have just been completed and placed into position.

    Command Fleet: Leviathan Fleet
    Fleet Captain: Emperor Larsen
    Base Location: The Unknown Regions
    Mission: Exploration
    First Fleet: Liberator Fleet
    Fleet Captain: Grand Admiral Kamin
    Base Location: Adega System
    Mission: Classified
    Second Fleet: Executor Fleet
    Fleet Captain: Grand Admiral Wulfman
    Base Location: Coruscant System
    Mission: Frontline Defense & Attack
    Third Fleet: Malevolent Fleet
    Fleet Captain: Fleet Admiral Antilles
    Base Location: Yaga Minor System
    Mission: Intelligence
    Fourth Fleet: Palpatine Fleet
    Fleet Captain: Rear Admiral DarkSun
    Base Location: Ossus System
    Mission: Classified
    Fifth Fleet: Hell's Teeth Fleet
    Fleet Captain: Grand Admiral Gabriel
    Base Location: Empress Teta System
    Mission: Classified
    Sixth Fleet: Virulent Fleet
    Fleet Captain: Grand Admiral Wulfman
    Base Location: Kessel System
    Mission: System Defense

    It's quite a formidible listing, and it's just going to get bigger in the future.

    Grand Admiral Naizarian Kamin
    Grand Jedi Master of the Dark Jedi Order
    Acting Fleet Commander of the Imperial Order
    GA/GJM Kamin/VSB Liberator-sc/Charon 2-1 CSQ