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     "Distributed monthly across the Empire"

    Officers of the Imperial Order, citizens of the Empire, friends, I bring you greetings on this joyous and momentous occasion. Today we celebrate the 5th Anniversary of the Imperial Order, 5 years of Imperial power.

    On January 1st of 1997, the Imperial Order came online. It began with one person, myself, but I soon recruited others to aid me in bringing the Imperial Order to be the premier Star Wars organization on the net. That first year was the other, but looking back, it was one of the most fulfilling. During that year, the basic principles and operations of the Imperial Order were formed and still hold to this day, as they will continue to do so in the future.

    Over the next two years the Imperial Order continued to grow and expand. The expansion was not without its hardships however, there were instances of treachery and betrayal. The Imperial Order weathered these tumultuous times and emerged a stronger and closer group.

    Over the years we have had many changes and major additions to the Imperial Order. With the release of new gaming platforms, the Imperial Order continues to adjust and improve on these additions to the Star Wars Galaxy.

    Our battles against the Rebellion and other rogue factions in the known Galaxy brought us glory and prestige. As we continue to exterminate these last pockets of resistance, we will also focus on unknown places outside the Empire, such as the Unknown Regions and Wild Space. Even though we may not win every battle and confrontation placed before us, we are triumphant in spirit and our will cannot be suppressed.

    For the future years of the Empire, I foresee a Golden Age; with our Dark Jedi at the forefront, our authority and presence will guide the Galaxy. There exists only one true good solution: Imperial domination throughout the Galaxy. With our loyal forces of the Navy, CompForce and Intelligence and the Dark Side guiding us, this goal will become a reality.
    Now, I have some awards to make.

    Grand Admiral Naizarian Kamin, mere awards cannot express my gratitude to you. During my absence, your leadership of the Empire has pleased me greatly. You constantly update me on the Fleet's activity and act as an intermediary for me. Your devotion to the Imperial Order is unrivaled and I foresee great things in your continuing career.
    I hereby present you with two tokens of my appreciation, the first is the Legion of the Empire medal, you are the only officer in the history of the Imperial Order to receive this award twice, my congratulations Kamin.

    The second is a copy of an order form from the Kuat Drive Yards. I contacted the Kuat Drive Yards a few weeks ago, and they have begun construction of a new Super Star Destroyer to lead the First Fleet, the Dark Jedi Order and serve as your flagship. This ship will not be completed until June, when we will have a proper christening and commissioning ceremony.
    Once again, congratulations my friend, you have earned and deserve it!

    Grand Admiral Marcus Wulfman, time and again you have proved your devotion and intensity for everything the Imperial Order stands for. In the past two years, you have played a key role in helping to lead the Imperial Order with your thoughts, ideas, and devotion.
    I cannot express my thanks enough to you for your integrity and support. Your efforts and work are legion and your motivation continues to drive the Empire and its officers. I foresee vast things to bolster your already grand career. Wulfman, I hereby award you with the Legion of the Empire medal, the highest award throughout the empire. Congratulations my friend, your undertakings merit only the best.

    Grand Admiral Merlyn Gabriel, my stalwart and resolute Emperor's Hand, my longest standing member of the Imperial High Command. Since year one you have stood at my side and assisted me in bringing the goals of the Imperial Order into being.
    I owe a lot to you for your support, perceptions, and keeping me rational when the Dark Side got the better of me. Even in the darkest of times, you helped me focus on and achieve goals and for that I will be forever indebted to you.
    Merlyn, I hereby award you the Legion of the Empire medal, the highest award that can be given. I also declare that your title of Emperor's Hand is forewith a title for life. Congratulations, my friend, I thank you for your sincerity and devotion.

    Fleet Admiral Tar-Atanamir, the foundation for all members of the Imperial Order and an officer whose work is the most demanding in the Galaxy. Through you and your expertise, you train our new recruits to be the best there are and help form the platform for new generations of officers. Your tireless and exacting efforts to help sustain the Imperial Order to be the unequaled force in the Galaxy.
    It is with great pleasure that I add the Gold Cluster to your Imperial Medal of Honor. Congratulations, my friend!

    Admiral Max Porteous, always eager and zealous in your work for the Imperial Order. Your adherence and allegiance to the Empire is standard for all of our officers. Your earnest endeavors help to draw in participation and increase our activity levels.
    For this, I hereby promote you to the rank of Fleet Admiral. Congratulations!

    Rear Admiral Azrael Dark Sun, your unbridled, and perhaps unrivaled, passion for the Imperial Order instill in everyone a sense of purpose. Always adherent to our principles and procedures, you are an archetype for all Imperial Order members. I hereby promote you to the rank of Vice Admiral. Congratulations, my friend!

    Major General Arcturus Kiner, for your continuing role in the realm of covert operations and your ability in the field of Imperial Intelligence, I hereby promote you to the rank of Rear Admiral and appoint you Bureau Director of the Bureau of Operations. Congratulations, Rear Admiral!

    Special Agent Ganner, for your loyal work in helping to keep the Imperial Order safe from internal threats and your ability to root out spies in our midst, I hereby promote you to the rank of Rear Admiral and appoint you Bureau Director of the Internal Organization Bureau. Congratulations, Rear Admiral!

    Colonel Thrawn. Where to begin? The longest standing member of the Imperial Order, and an officer who somehow managed to stay the same rank for the past five years. Even though you hold the rank of Colonel, your skills and activity far surpass that rank.
    Since you have graciously turned down promotions in the past, I hereby award you with the Imperial Order's Lifetime Achievement Award. Congratulations Thrawn! Being the oldest member definitely counts!

    To every officer of the Imperial Order, without each and everyone of you there would be no Imperial Order. I thank you all for your dedication, loyalty and work to keep the Imperial Order at the top where it belongs.

    As a token of my appreciation, I have authorized Grand Admiral Kamin to deposit into everyone's account the sum of 500,000 Imperial Credits from my own account. Don't spend them all in one place!

    The Imperial Order has had a great five years, let's make the next five even better!

    May the Dark Side defend you all, long live the Imperial Order!


    Emperor Ged Larson
    Ruler of the Empire
    Fleet Commander of the Imperial Order
    Supreme Overlord of the Dark Jedi
    EMP/FC Larson/ESD Leviathon-sc/CMDR:Charon CSQ