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     "Distributed monthly across the Empire"

    Fleet Commander

    The Emperor's return to Coruscant is eminent. In less than one month from now Emperor Larsen will retake his rightful place as Fleet Commander of the Imperial Order and ruler of the Empire. Even now, as we anticipate his return, I can almost hear in the distance the distinctive rumble of the massive engines driving the Eclipse Class Star Destroyer Leviathan closer and closer toward Coruscant. Somehow the Unknown Regions beyond the Outer Rim do not seem quite so distant as they once did.

    Many changes are in store for the Imperial Order. Many changes long overdue and many changes as of yet unknown to most of the Fleet will be taking place over the next several months. Emperor Larsen will be bringing with him sweeping reform of the Imperial Order, the likes of which we have not seen in years. I am truly exited about what is in store for our Empire.

    While I still stand as Acting Fleet Commander of the Imperial Order, I wish to publicly thank the members of the High Command for standing firm in their service to the Imperial Order during the absence of our leader. Without the support of the entire High Command I know the Imperial Order would not be in as fine of shape as it is today. In particular and especially, I want to thank Grand Admiral Wulfman for his rock solid performance over the last two years. Indeed, over the last several years he has done more for the Imperial Order than any other officer, myself included, and should be recognized and rewarded appropriately.

    Grand Admiral Wulfman, the Empire is indebted to you.

    And now, prepare your welcome mats, straighten you uniform, shine your buttons and boots, for our Emperor will be here before you know it. And as I am sure you will be reading this very soon, my Lord, welcome home. You have been sorely missed.

    Grand Admiral Naizarian Kamin
    Grand Jedi Master of the Dark Jedi Order
    Acting Fleet Commander of the Imperial Order
    GA/GJM Kamin/VSB Liberator-sc/Charon 2-1 CSQ

    Executive Officer

    In last month Mission of Urgency 18 Rear Admiral Snailman submitted the best score. He won the Medal of Urgency. I would also like to mention Colonel Fast Sniper, who finished second, and Fleet Admiral Moskito, who finished as third.

    On board of the SSD Executor II we also combined Furious Wing I with Vehement Wing II personal. All pilots with a flying game platform (such as Tie Fighter, X-Wiung vs. Tie Fighter and X-Wing Alliance) are now in Furious Wing. All Officers with Role Play are now together in Warbird Wing and all Officers who play Jedi Knight, Jedi Outcast or Battleground are in Avenger Regiment. There will be no more none gaming members.

    Lastly, I hope everyone enjoyed the new Star Wars movie. If you haven't seen it yet, go see it !!!

    Grand Admiral Wulfman
    Acting Executive Officer
    Flight Officer of Imperial Order
    Hand of Krath
    GA/FLO Wulfman/ISD Virulent-sc/Charon CSQ 3-1 (HoK)
    {LOE}{IMH}{SK}{DSC:GC}{GS(2)}{SS(2)}{BS}{MT(2)}{EW: OC/XVT}{MoU(2)}{ORW}{SoD}