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    Krath Order

    No report filed

    Dark Jedi Order

    With the return of Emperor Larsen to Fleet Command, I will soon be returning my focus to the Dark Jedi Order. Several reforms, updates, and clarifications of protocol will be made in the coming weeks. I am eager to lay down the responsibilities of Fleet Command and direct my attention toward making the Dark Jedi Order more powerful and productive than it has been in recent years.

    Grand Admiral Naizarian Kamin
    Grand Jedi Master of the Dark Jedi Order
    Acting Fleet Commander of the Imperial Order
    GA/GJM Kamin/VSB Liberator-sc/Charon 2-1 CSQ

    Sith Order

    To get the last couple of months covered ...
    Changes has happened in the Sith, and with the new Lord Azrael DarkSun taking over, we have great plans of study and training for the future.
    For now, all energy is concentrated on generally breaking the silence of The Dark Jedi order and get some activity going again.
    With the help of our students, the Grand jedi Master, our brothers and sisters in the Krath, this will not take long, but may be a problematic process, as many rules and procedures will be discussed.

    Lets do our best there ...
    The Sith order has moved to .. there you can access all known official info on the Sith and a couple of new rules added to the order.
    Other than that, we await the return of our Emperor - and the Dark Lord himself would like to apologize to his students if they are feeling a bit ignored these days.
    Speaking of students ... I, Lord Azrael, have chosen Master Maugrim to be my apprentice. He made it through the required rituals with ease, and Im looking forward to beginning his training. I will watch his career with great interest. :)

    The pages will be updated shortly and I wish Master Maugrim the best of luck down this very dark and powerfull path !

    Better days are coming for the Dark Side. Together we will make sure those days come soon.

    And sorry about me not being on IRC much these days (though I bet some of you are having the time of your life ;) ) , but I dont have that much time in spare for chat. The Sith Lord is still present, 24-7 - simply email me if you have something on your mind I dont already know about.

    Lord of the Sith, Azrael DarkSun