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    Flight Officer report:

    Last month we added a new tool to the Flight Office. General Curgenven developed a Uniform creator tool. This will create the major part of your Imperial Order Uniform for you online.

    Uniform creator

    Also, the Flight Office has basically completed the medal of merit update project. You will find the latest Version of all medals at the Flight Office page. At the same time we also added a new medal for the Outer Rim War to the collection.

    The XvT and XWA ladder are running well and more officers are now participating . I think this is related to the Outer Rim Wars. Last but not least the Force Commander Ladder has started as well.

    Grand Admiral Wulfman
    Flight Officer of Imperial Order
    Commander of the Second Fleet
    Judge for the XvT and XWA ladder
    GA/FLO Wulfman/ISD Virulent-sc/Charon CSQ 3-1 (HoK) 
    {IMH}{SK}{DSC:GC}{MT(2)}{EW: OC/XVT}{GS(2)}{SS(2)}{BS}{MoU(2)}{SoD}

    Training Officer report:

    Greetings fellow Imperials,

    here´s the list of graduates from PLT Tigris for the month of March:

    FLC Atonat

    Jedi Knights:
    CDT Shadow
    CDT Gettleburger

    Fleet Admiral Tar-Atanamir
    FA/TRO Moskito/ISD Admonisher-sc/Charon 3-4

    Communication Officer Report:

    Communication Office:

    I appointed Colonel Yularen Silvertear to deal exclusively with meeting logs.

    Production Office:

    Work on the Balance of Power IO Mod has begun.  All those involved will be emailed shortly with a list of duties and an outline of the project. If you want to get in on the act, it's still not to late to email me :)
    (AD Max Porteous)

    Admiral Max Porteous
    Communication Officer
    AD/CO Max Porteous/ISD Lightning {DJA}