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    Fleet Command Report:

    Word from Emperor Larsen
    I just spoke with Emperor Larsen.  He is pleased with the way things are going in the Imperial Order, and wishes to thank everyone for keeping up all the hard work that goes into making the Imperial Order run smoothly.

    Emperor Larsen is especially pleased with the way our officers have represented the Imperial Order in the Outer Rim War.  He is proud that we are consistently ranking high among the smaller groups, and encourages everyone to continue to do their best for the Imperial Order.

    If anyone would like to send Emperor Larsen a message, simply send it to me via email and I will be sure he receives it.

    TIE Fighter and Jedi Knight Ladders
    I sincerely apologize for the delay in the ladder rounds.  I take full responsibility for it. I hope to have the new matches posted shortly. 


    Grand Admiral Naizarian Kamin
    Grand Jedi Master of the Dark Jedi Order
    Acting Fleet Commander of the Imperial Order
    GA/GJM Kamin/VSB Liberator-sc/Charon 2-1 CSQ