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    Flight Office

    My Head Assistant Lt. General Jaeger has been working hard on several projects to keep the Flight Office up to date. With his work the Flight office Database has been filled with the current roster Information again.

    He also updated the Squadron / Platoon FAQ with the latest Information. At the same time I have updated the Imperial Order FAQ to reflect the recent changes and updates. It is now available in FAQ Version 4.2

    Grand Admiral Wulfman
    Acting Executive Officer
    Flight Officer of Imperial Order
    Hand of Krath
    GA/FLO Wulfman/ISD Virulent-sc/Charon CSQ 3-1 (HoK)
    {LOE}{IMH}{SK}{DSC:GC}{GS(2)}{SS(2)}{BS}{MT(2)}{EW: OC/XVT}{MoU(2)}{ORW}{SoD}

    Training Office

    Greetings fellow officers,

    I am proud to announce that we now have two new tools to recruit new members into the Imperial Order.

    a) The Recruitment Office.
    Built and maintained by LG Jaeger, it provides everybody with the basics of what we are and what they can be. So it is the perfect site to refer people to if you don't want to overwhelm them with information ;) It can be found at

    b) Jedi Knight: Outcast.
    The Game will help us to get new players into the IO and will revive inactive members as well.

    Fleet Admiral Tar-Atanamir
    FA/TRO Moskito/ISD Admonisher-sc/Charon 3-4