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    Battle XXVIII - The Rebel Blockade

    Official Imperial Order X-Wing Alliance Battle for all Imperial Order Officers. The Missions can be found on the Battle board or in the Mission section of this TI edition.

    Imperial Order Battle 28:
    In the last month the Imperial Order has been attacked by Rebels. This month the battle continued …
    Debriefing Mission 2, 7th of August:
    Welcome on board the ISD Malevolent! I wish you would join us under different circumstances, however, the data is in good hands now. It seems that the Rebel Forces have arrived in Sesswenna only shortly after you. Don't worry we will find a weak spot. This is the headquarter of Intel Division of the Imperial Order, I am sure we will strike back soon. Get used to your new Command Ship until then. I am sure we will have new orders as soon as the specialists come up with something based on the data.

    Mission 3 Briefing:
    The Imperial Order Intelligence reported that there are two rebel Fleets setting up a blockade of the Sesswenna Sector. They are preparing an assault on Coruscant. It is now your task to find a week spot in the blockade. The ISD Malevolent is sending out several Scout Flight groups to closely scan different Sections. You are flying T/A Centauri and your mission is to scan two different Sectors (A and B). Collect information and follow the Orders on the screen. If you find a spot where we can break through easily you will see the SSD Executor II jump in after the area is secured. This will be your new Command Ship. If you are not successful come back to Yaga Minor.

    Debriefing Mission 3, 22nd of August:
    Welcome on Board of the SSD Executor II. My name is Rear Admiral Trojan. It is a pleasure to have you here on the Flagship of the Imperial Order. You will be assigned to Warbird Wing IV. You Commander is Major General Peter. We await our support craft and than we will leave this Sector to meet with ...
    Well, I will tell you when it is time. Now report in to your new Wing Commander and he will assign you into one of the Squadrons.

    Shortly after arriving on board of the SSD Executor II Grand Admiral Drifter made a ship wide announcement:
    Officers of the Imperial Order,
    the rebels have set up a blockade of Coruscant. They have two Fleets now in Sesswenna Sector and outnumber our forces here in this Sector. We expect them to launch their assault on Coruscant with one of the Fleets while the other will keep up the blockade. The Coruscant defence Fleet will be able to stop the first assault wave, but while we will have no option to retreat the Rebels Cruisers will probably withdraw from the combat field and be replaced by ships from their second Fleet.
    You all may wonder why, in a situation like this, the most powerful ship in the system leaves and takes additional pilots, officers and crewman out.... Well, our shipyards have not been inactive in the last year. Most productions and developments are secret, but soon you will see some of what the Imperial Order Shipyards have produced. Together we will eliminate the rebel forces, so be prepared...

    Mission 4 Briefing:
    The SSD Executor has arrived at the Meeting point while more and more new ISDs fall back out of Hyperspace….
    Welcome in Warbird Wing, my name is Major General Peter. You are assigned to Vulture Squadron under the Command Brigadier General Slick. The first Mission is an easy one. You are to patrol the area in a Preybird Fighter and inspect all none Imperial Ships around. Be prepared to see quite a few new Imperial Star Destroyers. However, most of these ships have only a minimum crew on board. Therefore we have to transfer more staff and pilots over to the ships.

    ... to be continued ....

    Grand Admiral Wulfman
    Flight Officer of Imperial Order
    GA/FLO Wulfman/ISD Virulent-sc/Charon CSQ 3-1 (HoK)

    Sector Wars

    News from the front lines

    The latest episode in the Sector Wars: Battle for Klashta has seen some astounding news.
    After three weeks of Imperial domination, resulting in the capture of two planets, the Rebels seem to have managed a small effort, thanks to the works of Rebel Intel agent Thallia Per-Corell, acting as embassador for the worlds of Klashta. She secured the former Jedi stronghold of Klashta 8 while our valient troops were otherwise engaged.
    A arrest order has been issued following this, but she has evaded capture in the VSD she commands. If anyone has any information on the whereabouts of the StarShatter, please report immediately.

    According to reliable sources, the StarShatter seems to be operating against direct orders from the Rebel High Command of the Fifth Fleet. A warrant has been issued from RHC for the arrest of Cpt. Per-Corell.

    Capture of this Rebel can result in the gain of the system and perhaps a fortified Imperial position in this new sector.