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    Admiral Max Porteous

    Please note that from now on the Communication Office will post all future Treatise Imperialis editions. This means that Admiral Max Porteous is now responsible for the Articles and Archives in the TI. Please submit all files to Admiral Max Porteous. The Imperial Promulgation section will still be updated by the Training and Flight Office.

    Battle XXVIII - The Rebel Blockade

    Official Imperial Order X-Wing Alliance Battle for all Imperial Order Officers. The Missions can be found on the Battle board or in the Mission section of this TI edition.

    Mission 1 Breifing : 
    Welcome to the ISD Eradicator in Sluis Van ! You are flying a TIE Defender to patrol the Outpost A. Lately the Rebel and Pirate activity increased, so be prepared.
    Inspect any incoming Transports and return fire when needed. Do not bother to make prisoners, destroy all enemy ships.
    The Facility Sluis M7-D4 is currently producing important parts for the Command Fleet.
    Return to the ISD Eradicator after your Mission.

    Debriefing - July, 24th:
    Not only did the Rebels steal some of our equipment. At the same time there have been other attacks on different facilities and locations. 
    We received a report from Coruscant, that they are running out of supplies. It has been a while since the rebels used their hit and run strategy.
    The most important information for the Imperial Order, is that there is a Rebel Fleet gathering at the Inner Rim. We received this Information from Erasor Squadron. 
    It is most likely that these ships are heading towards Sesswenna Sector.

    So the current listing of the battle scores is:

    1) Major General Peter 11.762
    2) Fleet Admiral Moskito 6.337
    3) Colonel Tdy 5.218
    4) Colonel Dragonfly 3.403

    And the {DFC} has been given to Major General Peter and Fleet Admiral Moskito.

    After the last attack on Sluis Van the Commander of the ISD Eradicator tried to contact the Fleet Command at Coruscant, but without any success. All communication to Sesswenna Sector was down. Well, the situation was serious but the Commander could still get in touch with Grand Admiral Wulfman in Kessel System. Only 10 minutes later the ISD Eradicators had new orders…..
    The officers on board the ISD Eradicator didn't question their orders although it was obvious to everyone that there was something going on. The Star Destroyer was loading any available supply and Fighter to replace the losses of the last encounter. Nobody knew where they were going, however, soon after the Eradicator was underway the rumour of the communication break down spread like wildfire. A few days later the ISD Eradicator has arrived in Bortras System, Sesswenna Sector. 

    Briefing Mission 2 - Deadline August, 6th
    The ISD Malevolent with Fleet Admiral Antilles is on the way to meet us. We will than transfer the data we collected along with some computer equipment to the Intel Division. 
    We had to board new fighters after the last battle and came up with a rather unusual solution to replace the losses. You will fly patrol in a Toscan Fighter. It is similar to a Gun Boat (mainly), so it won't take too much time to get used to it. 
    Your whole Squadron will be moving to the ISD Malevolent. The task of your Flight Group is to patrol the area and protect the data disks. Once they are on board the ISD Malevolent protect it until it jumps to Yaga Minor. Follow the ISD Malevolent to Yaga Minor System and board it. You will than receive new orders.

    ... to be continued ....

    Grand Admiral Wulfman
    Flight Officer of Imperial Order
    GA/FLO Wulfman/ISD Virulent-sc/Charon CSQ 3-1 (HoK)