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    Panther Platoon Website
    General Curgenven / Colonel Fett
    This side Award is given for a different style and well done Platoon page.

    In the Outer Rim War battles of the last two month the Imperial Order was doing well. We mostly maintained the 3rd rank behind the large Organizations. We even scored 2nd best in one of the battles.

    In the last few round of the ORW we hope to improve once again and everyone who has at least 3 wins in the ORW will get a Medal Award at the end of the Outer Rim War.

    Also, Mission of Urgency 16 and 17 have been released. It seems like the Imperial Order is heading towards another battle soon. The rebel forces have recovered and with the Emperor out in the unkown regions they may think the new Empire is weak. The Trade Federation was the first target of the Rebel operations and a "spy virus" destroyed the Trade Federation Mission Computer system. We expect it to be up and fully operational soon.

    Grand Admiral Wulfman
    Flight Officer of Imperial Order
    GA/FLO Wulfman/ISD Virulent-sc/Charon CSQ 3-1 (HoK)