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    Treatise Imperialis XLVII

    Welcome to this edition of the Imperial Order Treatise Imperialis. This month event is for sure the release of Lucas Arts Jedi Knight II - Jedi Outcast game. This game has been immediatly adopted by the Imperial Order and is now one of our gaming Platforms. It is a game you should get if you can ...

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    Logistic's Office

    Grand Admiral Drifter

    Read about the news in the Empire in this new edition of the Treatise Imperialis.

    Lucas Arts Jedi Outcast<

    Mission of Urgency 18

    The SSD Executor II is moving from Coruscant to Bilbringi System to get the Ship Yard output up to speed. The Emperor expects several more ships to be completed before his return to Coruscant.

    Next to the Transfer of the SSD Executor II there is also a special Mission assigned to Rho Squadron, Cheetah and Panther Platoon. Grand Admiral Wulfman ordered the Squadron and Platoon Commanders into his room to brief them.

    Now the Pilots of Rho Flight II and III enter the briefing room to receive their orders from Major General Wessex:

    "You are in the second Flight Group of Rho Squadron and your ships is a T/A. Your main task is to escort the Transports to Farfin Sector and intercept attacks on them as well as clear the way for their Operation."