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  • The Fleet Command Report

    Greetings members of the Imperial Order!  Firstly, I wish to convey a message from Emperor Larsen.  He wishes you all well and is happy that everyone is doing well.  He reports that his mission is progressing well.  However, his mission is taking longer than expected.  His return to Coruscant will be delayed by several months at the least. 

    As Acting Fleet Commander I would like to welcome Vice Admiral Porteuos into the High Command.  His service to Imperial Order has been exemplory and his appointment to Communications Officer is well deserved.  I would also like to announce that General Sledge has been appointed as Assistant to the Fleet Commander.  Again, another well deserved appointment.  Congradulations to both of you and every other officer who received and promotion and/or appointment.

    Starting in mid-september, all officers (including High Command) will be taking part in readiness drills.  This is based on rumors of a major offensive by the Rebellion.  This will be mandatory for everyone.  Complete details can be obtained at upcoming meetings.

    That is all for this edition...Glory to the Imperial Order

    Grand Admiral Valdis Adar Drifter
    GA/AFC Drifter/SSD Executor II -sc/Charon 1-1 [CSQ] (DJM)
    {IMH(GC)(ST)}{CP}{DH}{DFC}{DSC - 3}{EW(OC)}{GS}{MT - 3}{MoU}{SC}{SS}
    Acting Fleet Commander
    First Grand Admiral of the Imperial Order

    Last month we revived and began using this system of induction into the Dark Jedi Order.  All new members of the Dark Jedi Orderwill be picked from the ranks of the Imperial Order Squadrons and Platoons.  All new members will have gone through standardImperial Order training at Platform Tigris and will have gained military rank via service to a squadron or platoon.  This form of preparation for induction into the Dark Jedi Order is necessary to instill the discipline and sense of responsibility needed to become a Dark Jedi Knight.  The loyalty of a Dark Jedi Knight to the Empire must be unquestionable from his or her first day of training aboard Platform Tigris.  Only the most serious minds are to be taught the true nature of the Force.  Only the most dedicated souls will know the true power of the Dark Side of the Force. ....

    Please refer to the Grand Jedi Master Report 

    Grand Jedi Master Naizarian Kamin
    2nd Grand Admiral of the Imperial Order
    Acting Executive Officer of the Imperial Order