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  • The Fleet Command Report

    The Empire has once again won a victory over the Rebellion and over the traitorous acts of spies.  Two months ago, you will recall, during my service as Acting Fleet Commander I announced in the Treatise Imperialis that an Eclipse Class Star Destroyer had been completed at Kuat Drive Yards and was awaiting the return of Grand Admiral Drifter to take its command.  Now, with the release of Mission of Urgency XV I can reveal the truth behind the ESD.  In fact, it was a ruse.  The whole story was spun
    by Intel to expose LTJ Ace as a traitor and draw a significant Rebel force into a well laid trap from which there was no escape.  Intel agents fed lies to LTJ Ace who in turn informed the Rebellion about a non-existant Eclipse Class Star Destroyer.  The ruse worked perfectly.  We ridded ourselves of a traitor, and we dealt a harsh blow to the confidence of the Rebellion in their own Intelligence.  The details of the operation can be found in Mission of Urgency XV.

    Grand Admiral Naizarian Kamin 
    Acting Executive Officer of the Imperial Order 
    In the Name of the Empire, 07.05.2000

    Note: The report of the Acting Fleet Commander Grand Admiral Drifter will be added to this TI edition as soon as he can submit it. Our Grand Admiral is currently on a secret mission and you understand that I can't be more specific at this point in time.

    Fleet Admiral Wulfman
    Flight Officer and Treatieas Imperialis author
    In the Name of the Empire, 07.05.2000