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  • The Fleet Command Report

    Firstly, let me say that it is great to be back and I would like to thank Grand Jedi Master Kamin for all his work keeping the IO running in the absence of both myself and the Emperor.  He has done an incredible job!

    As of now I will be resuming my full duties, including command of the fleet, and would ask Kamin to remain as XO until the return of the Emperor.

    We have been quiet now for much too long, since we took back Coruscant, and it is time once again to fight the Rebellion.  This month, we will be introducing a new IO battle as well as a new MoU.  It will be a busy month for all, so let's make it a great one!

    Long live the Empire!

    Grand Admiral Valdis Adar Drifter
    Acting Fleet Commander and 1ST Grand Admiral of the Imperial Order
    In the Name of the Empire, 05.08.2000

    Executive Officer Report

    Everyone here recalls the tragic accident on Coruscant which nearly killed Grand Admiral Drifter. Our Executive Officer suffered two broken legs and various other injuries when his shuttle suddenly lost it's anti-gravity generator during a docking attempt on a floating docking platform on Coruscant. But with an enormity of willpower and the best medic droids in the galaxy Grand Admiral Drifter is now well on his way to a full recovery. Therefore I'd like to welcome Grand Admiral Valdis Adar Drifter back to duty. I hereby relinquish command of the Imperial Order fleet to Grand Admiral Drifter.

    Fleet Admiral Naizarian Kamin
    Acting Executive Officer of the Imperial Order
    In the Name of the Empire, 05.01.2000