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  • The Fleet Command Report

    Greetings, fellow Imperials.  This month’s Fleet Command report is coming to you from a different source than usual, as Emperor Larsen has taken an extended leave of absence from his duties as Fleet Commander.  The Emperor has chosen this time to go into seclusion to focus his energies on his study and meditation on the Dark Side of the Force.  For security purposes, his current location is known only to a few members of the High Command.  Suffice it to say, when he returns he will be more powerful than ever as a Dark Jedi and as the leader of the Empire.

    Though Emperor Larsen’s leave of absence was a scheduled event, an unexpected and most unfortunate turn of events has forced Executive Officer Grand Admiral Drifter to take a leave of absence as well.  While attempting to land on a floating landing platform on Coruscant, Grand Admiral Drifter’s shuttle experienced a sudden failure in its anti-gravity generator sending the shuttle plunging several hundred feet down where it crash landed on a fixed platform of a nearby skyscraper.  Several members of the shuttle’s crew were killed, and Grand Admiral Drifter suffered two broken legs and various other injuries.  He is now undergoing physical rehabilitation at his residence on Coruscant.

    With the absence of both the Emperor and the Executive Officer, Fleet Admiral Kamin has added to his duties as Grand Jedi Master the duties of Acting Fleet Commander.  With the wonderful support of the Imperial Order High Command and the trust and cooperation of our Line Officers, Fleet Admiral Kamin has been able to keep the Imperial Order as strong and productive as it was under the leadership of Emperor Larsen and Grand Admiral Drifter.  Of course, as smoothly as things are going, we all would like to see our two leaders return to active duty as soon as possible.

    One other notable event which has recently occurred is Kuat Drive Yard’s completion of the Imperial Order’s first Eclipse Class Star Destroyer.  This massive vessel was built specifically for Grand Admiral Drifter and will be christened and handed over to him when he returns to duty.  Until recently, the secrecy and security of this new ESD was not in question, but with the betrayal of the Empire by former Lieutenant Junior Grade Ace we are no longer certain that the Rebellion is not aware of the new vessel.  Though Ace’s shuttle was captured before he could board a Rebel vessel, his threat to sell Imperial secrets to the Rebellion was enough to call for heightened security at our shipyards.  Ace is now facing death for the crimes of espionage and treason.

    In conclusion, whether the Imperial Order is truly in a weakened state or not with the absence of Emperor Larsen and Grand Admiral Drifter and the assumed espionage of former LTJ Ace, the Rebellion will certainly see us as vulnerable.  It is my conviction that the Imperial Order is as strong as ever, and any information that former LTJ Ace may have leaked to the Rebellion will prove inconsequential.  Nonetheless, we should not now, nor ever let down our guard.  The Rebellion is still an active force in this galaxy, and as long as there remains a force of subversion in this galaxy, there will be the Imperial Order.

    Fleet Admiral Naizarian Kamin
    Acting Fleet Commander of the Imperial Order
    In the Name of the Empire, 04.10.2000